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405 Clark Street, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
Phone (814) 695-5585
Fax (814) 695-2315

Mr. Ben Caldwell, Director of Human Resources/Transportation 

Mrs. Delta States, Human Resources Department Secretary


PPO Blue Program High Deductible Health Plan (100% District paid)   $35 (individual) or $50 (family) per month premium co-share; Spousal surcharge for selected state employers; Employer-provided Health Savings Account

PPO Blue Drug Plan: Family Coverage 100% District paid after deductible

Dental:  One-half Board contribution, one-half Teacher contribution

Vision:  One-half Board contribution, one-half Teacher contribution

Long-Term Disability Insurance: One-half Board contribution, one-half Teacher contribution of premium

Life Insurance:  $50,000 term life

Personal Day:  2 days per year - can accumulate; 1 additional day for perfect attendance

Emergency Day:  1 day per year - can accumulate

Sick Days: 10 days per year - can accumulate

Reimbursable Expenses:  Attendance at approved conferences and seminars. IRS mileage rate for travel

Tuition Reimbursement:  Up to $650 per credit for approved courses completed with a B or higher grade

Activity Pass:  Free admission to District events


2022-2023 School Year

Long-Term Substitute (full year): $43,200

Long-Term Substitute (less than a full year): $29,700 prorated or $165/day after 10 consecutive days to 59 consecutive days; $43,200/yr. prorated or $240.00/day from 60 consecutive days to end of assignment 

Starting salary for a Full-Time Teacher with a Bachelor's degree: $44,630

Top-level for a Full-Time Teacher with a Bachelor's degree: $74,570

Starting salary for a Full-Time Teacher with a Master's degree: $45,630

Top-level for a Full-Time Teacher with a Master's degree: $76,645


Public Information Policy

Please be advised that if the Hollidaysburg Area School District Board of Directors votes to offer you a salaried position with the district, your name, salary, position, and effective date of hire may be printed in the Altoona Mirror as early as the next business day.

The Altoona Mirror has requested that the above-mentioned information pertaining to all new hires be provided to them following each voting school board meeting. Salary information for public school employees is considered public record and as such, we are obligated by law to fulfill requests from the local newspaper in a timely manner.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Discrimination Complaint Procedures

Report Form for Complaints of Discrimination/Discriminatory Harassment

Title IX Sexual Harassment Procedures and Grievance Process for Formal Complaints


To request an accessible version of any non-accessible District document, please email your request to HR Director Mr. Ben Caldwell.  The District sometimes publishes documents from other agencies; in these instances, we invite you to contact the third-party agency directly to request an accessible version.